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Before adding all the interaction you can imagine, think!

Andrew and Louis are two computer engineers from Minneapolis who wanted to know where their tax money went. So they collected the data and put them on WhatWePayFor.com. That are a lot of data. So now Google and art and […]

Election day: a feast of interactivity

From a European perspective the midterm elections held today in the United States are a feast of democracy. Voters elect new members for the House of Representatives and the Senate and all kinds of local representatives. Furthermore they are able […]

Voting made easy (for Americans)

Sometimes clichés are simply true; in the US everything is bigger and better. In The Netherlands we have this very popular tool called De Stemwijzer that helps you to decide who to vote for. Americans have VoteEasy.

Bacon and beyond

It’s a classic in network theory. The Oracle of Bacon illustrates the small world phenomenon by showing how each actor or actress within six steps is connected to Kevin Bacon. Now the Notable Names Database does something similar for all […]

Impressive and sad

Last week newspaper Die Zeit published a special about the victims of right wing violence during the twenty years since the German reunification. Part of the online coverage is a interactive map of all deadly incidents, including data about the […]