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Blogposts on visualization that I wrote for the former website

How e-learning research can benefit dataviz design

Yesterday I had the honor to speak at the Show me the Data 2012, a conference in Amsterdam that also featured talks by Alberto Cairo and Jan Willem Tulp. In my presentation I explained how in my opinion data visualization […]

Isotype Interactive

For a moment, I thought it was a coincidence. A few months ago I became fascinated by Isotype, the pictorial language created in the 1920s and 1930s. Within the span of a week, I found out that several people I […]

A taxonomy of interactive tasks

Last month I wrote about different taxonomies of interactive features. Today Flowing Data links to a exciting article by Jeffrey Heer and Ben Shneiderman who propose a typology of 12 tasks grouped into three categories: data and view specification (visualize, […]

Datavis in documentary

Although this blog is about interactive infographics, I’m interested in other aspects of information visualization as well. Lately, as the previous post indicates, I have been studying Isotype as a forerunner of infographic design. Earlier I wrote about my fascination […]

So much beautiful knowledge for free

Like most research the study of interactive infographics is interdisciplinary. I try to mix concepts and ideas from different fields ranging from communication theory to information visualization and cognitive psychology. Obviously, interaction design is also high on the list. I […]

Explanation first, then overview, zoom, and the rest of it

In reply to my previous post about the functions of interactivity Eugene Tjoa advocates more attention to explanation in interactive infographics. I totally agree with him. Information visualization has a very fruitful influence on the design of infographics but most […]

What’s the purpose of interactive features?

My research is about the effectiveness of interactives. One thing I’m interested in is the influence of the type and number of interactive features on the ability of an infographic to transfer information. But before you can study this influence, […]

Visualization in the data journalism workflow

One of the reasons for the increasing interest in interactive infographics is the fast growing popularity of data journalism. Although a simple search on Amazon shows that computer aided reporting has been around since the publication of Philip Meyer’s Precision […]

Datavis in motion: pitfalls and possibilities

This blog has been hibernating for far too long. I have promised myself many times to revive it, but there always were other and more urgent things to do: preparing workshops, teaching classes, reading theses, and, last but not least, […]

Looking forward to the Infographics Creation Tool is a nice website that collects examples of data visualizations. But it’s also a company that is building a tool that promises you to easily create sophisticated (interactive) infographics. In the Eager Eyes of Robert Kosara this tool holds […]