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Blogposts on visualization that I wrote for the former website

Euthanasie bij psychisch lijden 2013

Ieder icoon in de visualisatie hieronder staat voor een patiënt aan wie in 2013 euthanasie is verleend vanwege psychisch lijden. Klik op een icoon om het oordeel van de toetsingscommissie te lezen of gebruik de labels aan de linkerkant om […]

How to integrate text and images interactively

‘Show, don’t tell’ dictates the famous credo in creative writing. Maybe it should say: show and tell. Communication often benefits from the combination of text and images. Interactivity can help.

The Functional Art: learning with a smile on your face

This weekend finally my copy of The Functional Art arrived, Alberto Cairo’s long-awaited introduction to infographics and visualizations. Jubilant reviews can be found around the web, so I will focus on just one chapter, not very surprisingly number 9: The Rise of Interactive Infographics.

An icon for every noun in the world

How can I have missed this? Edward Boatman is the new Otto Neurath. As a design student in college he had a thought: “What if I had a sketch for every single object in the world?” After graduating he started […]

Next Year’s Winner

Take one look at the laureates of the Information is Beautiful Award that were announced last week and you know the visualization community is as international and cosmopolitan as it gets. Winners are based around the world, from the United […]

A Vault of Visualizations

Many will agree that The New York Times and The Guardian are important – maybe the most important – pioneers when it comes to the use of interactive visualizations in journalism. Therefore it is interesting to compare these two newspapers. […]

The promise of Interactive Isotype

Some people are better in keeping their promises than other. I for instance promised myself to update this blog more regularly. Well, take a look at the date of the last post… However, Eugene Tjoa promised to modernize Isotype by […]

Interactive weather map… on TV

No other genre in journalism is more intertwined with infographics than the weather. It’s hard to find a newspaper or a news show that doesn’t use icons, charts and maps to forecast temperatures, wind speeds and the chance of rain. […]

Semiotic engineering: how, when, and why to use this interactive

Semiotics is the study of signs. It is not an institutionalized academic discipline but a wide range of theories that are used by scholars from all kinds of fields, including linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and communication science. Semiotics is also […]

Edward Segel: interactive features should scream interactivity

In my presentation on e-learning research last week I made a short reference to Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data, the famous article by Edward Segel and Jeffrey Heer. Today, Marije Rooze tweeted a link to this great video in […]