Month: March 2012

How e-learning research can benefit dataviz design

Yesterday I had the honor to speak at the Show me the Data 2012, a conference in Amsterdam that also featured talks by Alberto Cairo and Jan Willem Tulp. In my presentation I explained how in my opinion data visualization […]

Isotype Interactive

For a moment, I thought it was a coincidence. A few months ago I became fascinated by Isotype, the pictorial language created in the 1920s and 1930s. Within the span of a week, I found out that several people I […]

A taxonomy of interactive tasks

Last month I wrote about different taxonomies of interactive features. Today Flowing Data links to a exciting article by Jeffrey Heer and Ben Shneiderman who propose a typology of 12 tasks grouped into three categories: data and view specification (visualize, […]

Datavis in documentary

Although this blog is about interactive infographics, I’m interested in other aspects of information visualization as well. Lately, as the previous post indicates, I have been studying Isotype as a forerunner of infographic design. Earlier I wrote about my fascination […]