Month: February 2012

So much beautiful knowledge for free

Like most research the study of interactive infographics is interdisciplinary. I try to mix concepts and ideas from different fields ranging from communication theory to information visualization and cognitive psychology. Obviously, interaction design is also high on the list. I […]

Explanation first, then overview, zoom, and the rest of it

In reply to my previous post about the functions of interactivity Eugene Tjoa advocates more attention to explanation in interactive infographics. I totally agree with him. Information visualization has a very fruitful influence on the design of infographics but most […]

What’s the purpose of interactive features?

My research is about the effectiveness of interactives. One thing I’m interested in is the influence of the type and number of interactive features on the ability of an infographic to transfer information. But before you can study this influence, […]

Datavis in beweging

Interactieve datavisualisaties zijn razend populair, ook bij het grote publiek. Dat roept heel wat vragen op. Hoe ga je als ontwerper te werk? Welke tools gebruik je? Moet een visualisatie alleen functioneel zijn, of ook mooi? En hoe zorg je […]