Year: 2011

Looking forward to the Infographics Creation Tool is a nice website that collects examples of data visualizations. But it’s also a company that is building a tool that promises you to easily create sophisticated (interactive) infographics. In the Eager Eyes of Robert Kosara this tool holds […]

Gemeente Amsterdam photoshopt groene daken

Sinds een jaar hebben wij een groen dak en daar zijn we erg blij mee: lekker warm in de winter en koel in zomer. Ook de gemeente is daar blij mee, want Amsterdam wil het aanleggen van groene daken graag […]

Interactive books, interactive graphics

Remember when you went to high school loaded with a bag full of heavy textbooks? Well, those days are over. In this TED talk software developer Mike Matas demonstrates the tablet version of Our Choice, the sequel to Al Gore’s […]

Your own personal infographic

There are all kinds of reasons for adding interactivity to an infographic. After I asked Dutch designers what they considered to be the best interactives on the web, I questioned them about their ideas about the function of interactivity. An […]

Best Interactive Infographics on the Web (according to Dutch Designers)

What are the most inspiring interactive infographics on the web? It was just one of the questions I asked Dutch infographic designers in a survey I conducted earlier this year. A total of 39 respondents together submitted 90 best practices, […]

Interactivity, a model

Coincidentally, I had to explain the theoretical background of my thesis on several occasions during the last couple of weeks. Each time I found myself drawing the same sketch of the model I use to define some of the key […]

Before adding all the interaction you can imagine, think!

Andrew and Louis are two computer engineers from Minneapolis who wanted to know where their tax money went. So they collected the data and put them on That are a lot of data. So now Google and art and […]

How far would kids walk for cannabis?

The Netherlands are famous for their coffeeshops, places where one can buy cannabis for personal consumption without being bothered by the authorities. However, the Dutch government is planning new legislation that will force coffeeshops located within 350 meters of a […]

Let’s go inside infographics

How do you get the user inside your infographic? That is the main topic of the 4th edition of the Dutch Infographic Conference held on March 4th in Zeist, The Netherlands. Keynote speaker will be Gert Nielsen, founder of […]