Mandatory reading

I really wish I could have attended the workshop on Telling Stories with Data that was part of this years VisWeek. But Salt Lake City is a long way from Amsterdam when you have to pay for your own ticket. Fortunately FlowingData offers a rich summary of its content, including a list of issues that need further attention by both researchers and designers of interactive data stories:

  • reconciling the open-ended nature of interactive visualizations with the fixed paths of traditional storytelling
  • identifying specific interaction techniques in visualization systems that assist with storytelling
  • applying methods from film and other time-based media to visualization design
  • identifying potential characters, events, and plot in a dataset and revealing them to an audience

The post is recommended for everyone who is interested in a combination of datavisualization and interactive storytelling. For the students that participate in the tutorial on datajournalism that started last friday, it’s mandatory.