Month: October 2010

The powers of zoom

One part of my thesis is about the anatomy of an interactive infographic. Obviously the most important feature of an interactive is the way it enables users to manipulate the visualization. Using interactive modalities like typing, clicking and dragging they […]

It’s the story, stupid

It may well be the most famous interactive infographic: Gapminder World, the interactive and animated graph showing the wealth and health of nations since 1800. Of course it is renowned for its clear and innovative design and the importance of […]

Dashboard of Digital Live

Before I decided to write a thesis about interactive infographics I wrote a research proposal for a study into the digital habits of online news consumers. The working title read: What are they doing online? The answer to this question […]

Not so interactive slideshow

In their article Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data (pdf) – that I found thanks to this must-see interactive movie about data journalism – Edward Segel and Jeffrey Heer define 7 basic genres of narrative visualization (magazine style, annotated chart, […]

Head start for new and ambitious site is a brand new and ambitious website about data visualization that allows designers to showcase their work. It’s still in beta (search for example is still a bit buggy) but already some interesting visualizations have been submitted. German designer […]

Voting made easy (for Americans)

Sometimes clichés are simply true; in the US everything is bigger and better. In The Netherlands we have this very popular tool called De Stemwijzer that helps you to decide who to vote for. Americans have VoteEasy.

Networking the News

Last week I wrote about the Notable Names Database, an interactive network diagram that allows you to explore the connection between all kind of famous people. Of course you can do the same with stories in the news. Slade Magazine […]