Month: September 2010

Telling stories with data, the movie

After the nice video portrait of the graphic department of the New York Times in July and the very inspiring TED-talk by David McCandless in August, September brings us the ultimate video about telling stories with data. Geoff McGhee, who […]

Banks that went bust

The financial crisis may be well over its peak, in the United States banks keep collapsing every month. The Wall Street Journal mapped all bank failures since January 2008. The timeline automatically starts to play as soon as the application […]

Graphics of the Fall

Dustin Smith of Chart Porn collected some interactives about the Fall. One of them explains how our seasons depend on the tilt of Earth’s axis relative to its orbit of the Sun. Looks like it would perfectly fit on one […]

Augmented infographics

For over thirty years scholars have been trying to define interactivity – with still no consensus in sight. One definition of the concept focus on the potential ability of users to exert an influence on the content and/or form of […]

Stress and distraction

Financial website made an inventory of factors that can increase stress in metro areas, ranging from unemployment and traffic to pollution and even the weather. These were quantified for the 50 largest cities in the States. The results are […]

Bacon and beyond

It’s a classic in network theory. The Oracle of Bacon illustrates the small world phenomenon by showing how each actor or actress within six steps is connected to Kevin Bacon. Now the Notable Names Database does something similar for all […]

Impressive and sad

Last week newspaper Die Zeit published a special about the victims of right wing violence during the twenty years since the German reunification. Part of the online coverage is a interactive map of all deadly incidents, including data about the […]

Beer, bratwurst and dirndls

The famous Oktoberfest in Munich is celebrating it’s 200th Anniversary. The festivities- drinking beer, eating bratwurst and watching women in dirndls – started yesterday and will continue until, well… October. Students of the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam created […]

Interactives on the iPad

I really love my iPad. The only problem is it’s lack of support for Flash. And although JavaScript and HTML5 promise us a brand new future of in-browser visualization, for the moment Steve Jobs’ ban on Flash means a lot […]

Ranking the nations

The best country to live in is Finland. Newsweek created an interactive to compare the worlds top 100 nations on topics like health, education and economy. It’s a nice looking flash-app, but you can only compare two countries at a […]