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The powers of zoom

One part of my thesis is about the anatomy of an interactive infographic. Obviously the most important feature of an interactive is the way it enables users to manipulate the visualization. Using interactive modalities like typing, clicking and dragging they […]

Stress and distraction

Financial website Portfolio.com made an inventory of factors that can increase stress in metro areas, ranging from unemployment and traffic to pollution and even the weather. These were quantified for the 50 largest cities in the States. The results are […]

Beer, bratwurst and dirndls

The famous Oktoberfest in Munich is celebrating it’s 200th Anniversary. The festivities- drinking beer, eating bratwurst and watching women in dirndls – started yesterday and will continue until, well… October. Students of the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam created […]

Interactives on the iPad

I really love my iPad. The only problem is it’s lack of support for Flash. And although JavaScript and HTML5 promise us a brand new future of in-browser visualization, for the moment Steve Jobs’ ban on Flash means a lot […]